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ArthurMy name is Arthur Khachatryan. I’m a Sr. Web Developer @BlackLine Systems who loves HTML5, CSS3, JS, the responsive web, SEO, IA, UX and more. I’ve led front-end development teams, managed and mentored front-end developers of various skill levels. Between 2011 and 2013 I led the front end effort to rebuild the entire website (while still working there) from scratch after prototyping a solution and presenting it to major stakeholders.

I’m a technology advocate, consultant, writer who loves all things tech. I’ve been in web development since 1998 and have since created solutions of all kinds for the web. I’m currently working on a variety of open source and proprietary products. Please see my github profile for information regarding the former.

I currently own a web consulting and development firm, Aspire Media, through which I offer my services for a variety of such needs. Please contact me if you are in need of a web solution to an idea, however rough the idea may be. I love brainstorming, coming up with strategies for specific needs, and seeing the conceptual notions come to life on the internet through usable web solutions.

When I’m not fiddling with various technologies, I’m typically reading popular and professional level materials in science, classical history, archaeology, philosophy, and the like. I’ve also written numerous articles and a couple of books providing a reasoned defence of the Christian worldview. You may peruse my blog and my book on Amazon for more information.

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